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Welcome to Mammals wiki, a wiki all about mammals that anyone can edit! Feel free to add some information, just don't use any inappropriate language, vandalize, etc.! We get either all or most of our information from Wikipedia, so we give credit to that website. We Are Currently Editing 18 Pages with 632 edits, and YOU can help!!!
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Some Rules You Should Remember:
  1. Please do not make pages for ideas/questions/discussions... they should be a blog post instead.
  2. All edits should be made in Good Faith.
  3. When looking at users we do NOT look at achievements/badges and editing to get them can and probably will get you banned.
  4. You may use any picture that is REASONABLE to add to a page, but if the owner asks you to remove it, you must.
  5. You may only add images that are your own. Screenshots are welcome but don't add copyrighted images. (Any image owned by a big company/group, like a picture of character, made-up place, or a design.)
  6. Do not add random images to your page and remove them to get achievements.
  7. Do not claim an idea of a page as yours. Ideas are shared throughout the wiki, and protecting an idea will give you an instant 1 hour ban.
  8. Bans for multiple of these reasons may stack up not coherently to their official time. Admins decide the length of a ban at will on a vote.
  9. Causing trouble will give an instant ban. For example, saying something that DIRECTLY conflicts with an Admins attempt to calm down a fight. (I.E. "Fights keep us evolving, let them fight")
  10. The Admins have a lot of experience trust their decisions, and arguing will give you a week ban.
  11. Fighting your ban will give you another week ban.
  12. You may not make unreasonable edits. For example: Backspace XP then retypes it.
  13. Do not edit pages or add random categories just to earn achievements. Earn the achievements fairly without cheating to get ahead.
  14. In order to protect our younger viewers, please don't post any personal pictures, or use bad language. Doing so will result in a ban. (Length determined on severity of action.)
  15. Do not complain about a ban as an unregistered. Doing so will have the ban lenghtened.
  16. Bans will be discussed in the public, requiring a 2:1 vote to ban.
  17. Promotions to rollback, and from rollback to admin will also follow this rule above.
  18. A user may not jump directly to admin.
  19. Only the admins may vote on promotions to bur.
  20. Demotions of admins and rollbacks will be discussed in the public as well,following the 2:1 rule.
  21. Burs will require a 2:1 community vote and a 1:1 admin vote to be demoted.

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Community news

  • Tama63

    Future Plans

    July 25, 2011 by Tama63

    As this wiki is growing I have a few plans

    • Try an get all the mammals people know first
    • Make a page about Humans
    • get 50 Pages and get the content team to spruce up the main page
    • Get 10 editors
    • get 200 pag…
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  • Komodo cobra

    Tama63 is the first administrator and bureaucrat, not including me! Congradulations, Tama63!

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