Rat Terrier head

Puppy rat terriers always have flopped-down ears, but adults can sometimes have that, too. However, most adults have strait-up ears.

Rat Terriers are a type of terrier dog that are sometimes used for getting rid of rats and mice, giving them their name. They were once popular, but are now considered a rare breed. They have a maximum size of 13-18 inches tall from the bottom of their paws to the top of their shoulders.

Features and personalityEdit

Ratterrier 3

An adult Rat Terrier with lopped-down ears.

Rat Terriers are sleek in musculature, have fine internal bones, and have a well refined head. Their coat is always short, and is never wiry.

They like to tear about in the yard and rough-house a little bit, but also love taking naps on beds and sofas.

The color of their fur is usually in a tricolor pattern with brown snouts, a white strip down their snout, black heads, brown eyebrows, white bodies, and some black spots throughout the body.

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